Consultancy Services

Strategic Planning
  • Developing organisational sound business strategy
  • Assisting Clients in Strategic Plan Development
  • Strengthening the culture of strategic thinking in the organisation
  • Updating achievements in the current strategic plan
  • Objective alignment to management team behind the arch goal
  • Strategic plan strengthening methodologies
  • Conducting the Strategic Planning Conferences
Policy Formulation
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • Business Partner Search for collaborations 
  • Feasibility Studies, Project management and Business Plans
  • Conducting Commercial Due-Diligence
  • Mid crises Strategy Consulting Services
  • Policy and Procedure formulation, (Standard Operations Procedurers) SOP
  • Monitoring, Evaluation (M&E) and Reporting
Investments Management
  • Financial and grant management services
  • Financial Planning and Investments
  • Tax Management, and Tax Planning Services
  • Investment Management services
  • Portfolio building and portfolio Management
  • Personal and Corporate Tax-free investments
  • Contract Management and establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Market Research Analysis
Business Analysis
  • Project governance and leadership
  • Empowerment management services
  • Corporate Governance and Leadership
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management 
  • Prioritisation and allocation of resources to achieve the Strategic Objective
Capital Budgeting
  • Business advisory and Business Intelligence
  • Budgeting and Financial intelligence
  • New investment project searches
  • Developing Copex and Capital plan
  • Mastering the capital budget cycle
  • Capital Budgeting Methodologies
  • Capital Budgeting for Small Businesses(SMEs)
  • Strategic Capital Planning and Capital Budgeting
Human Resources Audit
  • Evaluation of HR processes and Employee Industrial Relations (IR)
  • Reviews on recruitment, BSC, performance management
  • Business and Human Resource Strategy 
  • Manpower Planning, Training and Development
  • Employee Retention, Compensation and Reward
  • Employees file reviews, JD and Contracts Reviews
  • HR Employee handbook, and Business Complaints
  • Grievance handling, Code of Conduct and discipline procedures
  • Human Resource Audits and Assessments
  • Payroll Management and Compliance Audits
  • Human Resource Development Systems and Procedures (HRD)